Volunteer Recruitment – Oct. 1, 2015

Volunteer firefighting and emergency medical service are valuable and exciting ways to serve your community. It takes dedication and many hours of training to become a volunteer with Camano Island Fire and Rescue, but the rewards are many. CIFR is currently beginning the selection process for our next class of new volunteers. An informational meeting will be held at 7pm on Tuesday, October 13th, at the Vista/Madrona Station (273 N. West Camano Drive).

“Volunteer firefighters and EMTs are an integral part of how we provide service to our residents” says Fire Chief Michael Schick. CIFR is a combination department responding to emergency incidents with full-time, part-time, and volunteer personnel. “With the decline of volunteerism across the country, we are changing how we use volunteers to provide more opportunities and enhance our level of service” he explains.

One of these changes is the option to serve in a medical only capacity. With medical incidents making up over 70% of the calls for service, allowing people with no interest in firefighting to serve in an EMS only role just makes sense. “The training requirements and time commitment needed to be a firefighter and EMT are incredibly high” says Assistant Chief Levon Yengoyan. “We wanted to create a mechanism for people to volunteer with us despite their busy work and personal lives.”

Another change is the use of non-resident volunteers. CIFR volunteers have historically lived on Camano Island and responded via pager notification. Under the new program, non-resident volunteers will be accepted into the recruit program and meet their response requirements by serving on 12 hour shifts. “This will open up a whole new pool of potential volunteers that will increase our ability to respond to multiple calls in a timely fashion” says Chief Yengoyan.

In addition to the satisfaction of serving your community, volunteering is a great way to receive training and experience if you are interested in a career in the fire service. If you would like to attend our informational meeting and become a volunteer with Camano Island Fire and Rescue, please contact Chief Yengoyan at 360-387-1512.