Retirement and Swearing-In Ceremony – Jan. 12, 2016.

CIFR Says Goodbye to Longtime Volunteer and Welcomes New Probationary Firefighters

[Camano Island, Wash.] – It was a busy night at the Board of Fire Commissioners’ first meeting of 2016. The Board approved 13 new probationary volunteers with a swearing in ceremony. A fourteenth volunteer was unable to attend the meeting and took their probationary oath of office the previous week.

“We are excited to have such a large group of new men and women interested in training to become firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) in order to serve our community” said Fire Chief Michael Schick.

The new class includes a range of recruits, some brand new to the fire service and several that are already trained and working as EMTs. The recruit class also includes three new volunteers that are part of CIFR’s/Stanwood High School Cadet Program.

“The recruits have already worked hard to make it through the selection process” said Assistant Chief Levon Yengoyan. The process includes an application, physical fitness test, written exam, medical physical, background check, and interview. “I am very proud of those that have been selected and know they are anxious to begin their training” Yengoyan added.

The Board also swore-in volunteer firefighter Kody Henderson who has completed his firefighter training.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the District said goodbye to volunteer Keith Pappas who has retired from CIFR after 29 years of service. Keith started as a volunteer firefighter when he was 19 years old and retired at the rank of volunteer Battalion Chief.

“The District is so thankful for the many years of service Keith has given us” said Chief Schick. “It is so rare to find someone that is willing to give so much time and effort to their neighbors and we are sorry to see him go” he added.

Probationary Vols. - 4

New CIFR Recruits after taking their probationary Oath of Office

(From left to right: Matt Johnson, Spenser Mezzone, Candace Stone, Jeff Gallagher, Derek Boyle, Colt Mercer, Micah Morris, Noah Echelbarger, Maggie Mathews, Amy Collins, Jim Ludden, Leonard Fenton, Griffin Beeston. Not Pictured Ronald Meyer)

Kody Henderson

Board Chair Paul Williams administers the Oath of Office to new firefighter Kody Henderson


Com_. Mtg. 1-11-16 021

Keith Pappas retires after 29 years of service (pictured with his parents Mary and Mike Hamel)