EMI Program

Camano EMI Program

 Brought to you by Camano Island Fire and Rescue and your community.

Click icon above to fill out form online and print, or print form to fill out by hand.

“Let the EMI speak for you when you aren’t able”


What is the Camano EMI Program?

The EMI makes Emergency Medical Information easily available in the time of an emergency.

By taking a few minutes to fill out and keep this information in your home, it will save time and prevent confusion in the event of an emergency.  Time is critical in helping the paramedics help you!  This form will speak for you if you or others cannot.

Where do I get an EMI?

The kits are free, thanks to generous donations from your local community and Camano Island Fire and Rescue.

Stop by and pick up your EMI kit at the following locations:

  • Country Club Fire Station – 1326 Elger Bay Road
  • Vista/Madrona Fire Station – 273 N. West Camano Drive
  • Administration Office – 811 N. Sunrise Blvd.

How do I use the EMI?

Using the Camano EMI is easy!

  1. Fill out one form for each member of your household.
  2. Place the forms in the provided plastic bag and put the bag inside of your tube.
  3. Keep the tube in your refrigerator.
  4. Place the red EMI sticker on, or in an obvious place near, the primary entrance door of your home. Standardization of placement for both the tube and the sticker is critical in allowing first responders to know that your medical information is available to them and where they can find it.
  5. Update your information whenever something changes.  At a minimum, your medical information should be reviewed every time you change your clocks for Daylight Savings Time.

*One tube is all you need, but it is important to include information for Every Member of your Household.

**Additional forms are available for download on this webpage or at the Administration office.  If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the Camano Island Fire & Rescue Administration Office at 360-387-1512.