Clean Audit

Camano Island Fire and Rescue received a clean audit report for the past two years, a fact that the Board of Commissioners and Administration are pleased to announce considering the significant bond projects  under review as well as the new accounting system recently implemented.

“We are proud of the work of our staff in managing these significant projects successfully and professionally,” said CIFR Chief Mike Ganz.  Finance Manager Linda Layton was responsible for the successful implementation of a new accounting  system, which is able to produce reports in the format required by the State. A more general-purpose  accounting software was in use before, requiring several additional steps in the reporting process.

Layton championed the new software and made the successful transition.  “Linda and Assistant Fire Chief Levon Yengoyan deserve a lot of credit for making this smart move, as  well as the Board of Commissioners for committing the necessary resources,” said Ganz. “It’s important  that we run a lean operation and are highly accountable for our finances.”
Layton implemented the new system, which is designed specifically to comply with the reporting or Budget Accounting and Reporting System required by law. It was a large workload to implement, but  paid off with a clean audit.

The State Auditor conducts a bi-annual audit of CIFR – more frequently when there are significant  grants. The auditor’s report can be found here:

Yengoyan said “We appreciate the audit process because it helps us comply with the laws, which change very frequently.”

This is the first audit received after the district moved to its new accounting system. It also fell during a  period when CIFR put substantial capital projects out to bid. The Auditor closely reviews the bidding  process for inconsistencies and compliance with the complicated regulations.

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