Our Stations

Our Stations

Station 1 – Camano City
985 Orchid Road
(Used for vehicle storage, not needed for response)

Station 2 – Country Club
1326 Elger Bay Road
(Staffed 24/7 with Full-Time and Part-Time Firefighters and Volunteers.  A cross-staffed engine and a medic/aid unit are based here)

Fire Station

Station 3 – Terry’s Corner
525 E. North Camano Drive
(Combination station.  Periodically houses a staffed Basic Life Support (BLS) aid unit as personnel resources allow.  Volunteer staffed and houses District’s sleeper program for volunteer over-night staffing.  Facilities for Mechanical Division.)

Station 4 – Vista Madrona
273 N. West Camano Drive
(Staffed 24/7 with Full-Time Firefighters and Volunteers. Houses Advanced Life Support Unit (ALS) medic unit.)

Station 5 – Mabana
3651 South Camano Drive
(Volunteer station)

Camano Island Fire and Rescue Administration
811 Sunrise Boulevard (at Terry’s Corner)